Patched Dress/Dresses
$50.00 $39.95
Patchwork Quilt Dress
$50.00 $39.95
Patchwork Dresses for sale
$60.00 $44.95
Dress Patchwork
$60.00 $49.95


Patchwork Fleece Hoodie with army green front
$60.00 $48.95
Patchwork Hoodie Black Front
$50.00 $39.95
Color Block Hoodie - I with Khaki front
$50.00 $39.95
Low Patchwork Hoodie with Red Front
$50.00 $39.95


Plush Patchwork Jacket with black front
$100.00 $74.95
Patchwork Jacket Women's/Ladies
$70.00 $54.95
Patchwork Quilted jacket
Patch work Jacket


Hombre Patchwork Shirt with green front
$45.00 $34.95
Corduroy Patchwork Button-up with blue front
Leopard Patchwork Crewneck with Army Green front
Corduroy Half Patched Shirt with Black front

Patchwork has existed for centuries, records of such fabrics date back to over 5000 years. But that is not when it became popular. During the great depression, it was a useful way to make new clothes or to repair old ones.

It was a need of the moment but now it has become much more than that, it’s captivating and mesmerizing design is enough to capture the attention of anyone. 

In the modern age, patchwork is known for being both trendy and elegant. The dynamic colors and patterns bring a vibrant and stunning look to whoever wears them.

Today we bring you patchwork clothing at its finest. We have spent countless hours formulating and designing a brand that brings the best that patchwork has to offer.

What we offer

Patchwork has been around for a long time but now is the time to innovate, what we offer is simple. Premium quality Patched apparel at an affordable price.

Trendy Patched designs

When it comes to patchwork clothes or really any clothes for that matter, what’s most important is definitely the design and the color scheme of the clothes. Our dedicated team of experts realizes that and for the same reason has carefully analyzed the trends in the fashion industry, to produce something that is simply stunning to look at and unique. We’re sure that among our expansive collection there is definitely a piece that speaks out to you.

Top-quality patchwork apparel

Quality is something that nobody should ever compromise on, we know how disappointing it is to order something different and to receive a low-quality version of the same product. Therefore, to avoid such problems we only offer the best. The fabric that we use is top-notch and a perfect fit for these types of clothes.

Comfortability guaranteed

Our clothes are made with premium fabric materials that have been tested again and again to produce clothes that are super comfortable. We want you to wear your patchy clothes, again and again, by doing so not only do you save a lot of money but you also help save the planet.

Expansive variety

From patched jackets to dresses, we have them all. Choose from dozens of different patchwork clothing patterns and designs. We have carefully compiled only the best patchwork clothes that are on the market, each and every product speak for itself. The vibrant colors and the symmetrical designs are all stunning. So do check them out for yourselves.

Handmade Patchwork Clothing at Affordable Prices

Pricing can be perhaps the most important factor when it comes to buying clothes, you always want a deal that gets you a top-tier product for a fraction of the price. This is exactly what we offer, premium hippie clothes for super cheap prices. But that’s not all our products also go frequently on sale, which further decreases your total. 

Handmade clothes are the new wave now, combined with patchwork it can truly form something magnificent. We have all such items and much more available at our shop, from custom clothes, handmade designs, to even wholesale patchy clothes.

We want everyone to enjoy sustainable clothing, its brilliance is in its simplicity and we want everyone to know that.

Shop Boho & Hippie Patched Clothes Now

In today’s climate where everyone is trying to build a sustainable future, patched clothing has become a need rather than a desire. Aside from looking amazing, patchy clothing also brings with it the idea of a sustainable future.  

Since major brands are also trying to switch to sustainable clothing, it is definitely trending right now. So if you’re in the market for cheap patchwork clothes with top-quality materials and designs, then look no further we have got you covered. 


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