Patchwork or piece work is the art of sewing small pieces of cloth that are commonly geometrically cut which makes the sewing easy. Mainly the pieces that are sewn together have different colors.

The patchwork, in the end, turns out to be beautiful. Now, this patchwork is used to make many types of clothing from quilts to jackets and hoodies and everything in between but here we offer you something unique, patchwork dresses.

Different designs of Patchwork Dresses

Even though there are many types of patchwork dresses and all of them are made to perfection some of them are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd.

The most popular among them is African themed. They have big patches and are very beautifully designed but most importantly they are sewn to perfection and they are very classy.

The ones available at our shop are very colorful and are amazingly designed. These dresses are also available in quilt designs with big patches that follow the same pattern.

There are also bohemian styled patched themed dresses; these dresses are also very classically designed.

The main difference between African-styled patched themed dresses and bohemian dresses is that the African dress has a thicker fabric compared to bohemian dresses whereas boho dresses are very soft and silky and are mainly made for summer. 

Patched Dresses Fashion

Now mainly these dresses are so colorful that you can wear them with anything. The African themed dresses look really good if you wear them with long boots.

The best thing about African fabric themed dresses is that they can be worn in any season, winter or summer. They will look amazing with high necks and long boots. Since bohemian fabrics are thinner they are perfect for summers. These dresses also represent important messages like sustainability and equality.

When to wear Patchwork Sundresses

Now since these dresses are very colorful they are perfect for daytime wear. You can wear them at beach parties. They are also very comfortable hence you can look amazing and be comfortable wearing them.

You can check out a variety of these dresses at our shop, they are available in almost every color and design hence you will definitely find something that you like.

Beautiful Handmade Quilted Dresses

We have an expansive collection of dresses from sundresses, sally dress to mini dresses. We know how bad it feels to spend hours on selecting a dress and finding out that it isn’t available in your size, dot worry because we offer dresses all the way from small to plus size. 

Our designs are perfect for formal events and functions, our expansive collection even has dresses for weddings and parties. So whatever type of dress you need whether it’s lace or even bodycon, we have it all.

Patched themed dresses are very iconic and trendy moreover they are available at our online stores you can easily buy them from our shop. The dress is available in a lot of different designs and colors hence we are sure that you will find something that you like. 

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